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Sales Rule Conditions

Make Sales Rules conditions on Magento

Sales Rule Conditions
Sales Rules extension adds extra conditions to your sales rules
  • Add sales rules conditions
  • Customer sales based conditions
  • Addresses based conditions

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  • Examples of extra conditions

    Examples of extra conditions
Description :
Sales Rules extension adds extra conditions to your sales rules
Functionalities :
  • Adds extra conditions to your sales rules :
  • - Different Shipping and Billing addresses (on county, city, postcode, lastname, firstname, street)
  • - Cart totals (shipping amount, tax amount, discount amount, grand total)
  • - Ask for more !

Functionnality missing ? Please contact us, and maybe we could add it to our next release!
Magento : CE 1.9 / EE 1.14
Third-part extensions : Webcooking_3DSecureRules
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  • 1.0.0 : First version

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