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Layered Navigation is a module that transforms Magento's Layered Navigation in Ajax, and adds usefull new functionalities. The best thing to do is to test it on our demo magento installation !

Layered Navigation

Magento Community : 1.4,1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9
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Before buy, please check that this module is answering your needs by using the demo store, and checking functionnalities below
  • Frontend View
  • General Configuration
  • Attribute View
  • Category View
  • Landing Pages - Back
  • Landing Pages - Front
  • SEO Layered Navigation
  • Everything is made in ajax or Javascript : there is no extra indexed page (and it is a better user experience)
  • Choose your filtering method : via Ajax or Javascript. The second method will load all your products at the page loading, so the filtering is immediate (no server calls!). Both method can be used (for example, JS under X products on the category, Ajax above...)
  • Filter with multiple values for an attribute
  • Possibility of exclude and sort filters on category level
  • New filter on availability (usefull only if you show out of stock in your catalog...)
  • Manage ranges for prices, but also other numbers (length, height, etc... any number attribute !)
  • Two algorithms for ranges : Steps (Every 10 for example) and Breaking Points (Break on 10, 30, 100)
  • Range steps definition on the attribute level and on the category level
  • Possibility of using a slider for ranges
  • New ! Create some landing page with pre-defined filters !

Functionnality missing ? Please contact us, and maybe we could add it to our next release!
  • 2017-10-14 1.1.1 : ACL bugfix.
  • 2017-08-11 1.1.0 : Rwd compatibility fix. Landing pages.
  • 2017-08-10 1.0.9 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2017-06-02 1.0.8 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2016-06-19 1.0.7 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2016-01-07 1.0.6 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2015-04-17 1.0.5 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2015-03-08 1.0.4 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2015-02-11 1.0.3 : New layered navigation method : Direct JS. Loads all products, so the filtering actions are totally immediate (no server call). Can be mixed with the Ajax method.
  • 2014-12-29 1.0.2 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2014-12-08 1.0.1 : Minor bugfixes & improvements
  • 2014-05-22 1.0.0 : First version
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